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God Remove Him From My Heart

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This may not be an encouraging title for a Valentine’s Day post, but unfortunately this is a common query people use to come to the blog. Love is made to be lasting, and while your love may still be on, at times the person of your affection stops returning your love. How can we move on?

You Were Created for Love

We were created for love, and for some that is a wonderful encouragement. It gives you hope for a satisfying and lasting love with another. For others the idea of love is filled with a painful mixture of a few happy moments and powerfully hurtful ones. While the other person has seemingly moved on, you are stuck with some strange connection to this person who has caused you so much pain. You only hope is the cry, “God, please remove them from my heart.”

God Wants to Speak to You

Listen to God’s words to you. That person was never supposed to fill your needs for love. I am the One who created you for love so that I may be the One who would satisfy your longings. Come to Me. My arms are open to receive you. Lay your head on My chest and pour out your heart. Tears open you up for the healing. Cry for the disappointment and loss, but not for despair for I give you hope. Freedom is coming. My love is on.

How Do I Remove Someone From My Heart?

Freedom is found similarly to forgiveness. Here are some simple steps to help you find your freedom.

  1. Confess how you have placed too much of your heart on the other person. Confess how you have trusted them over God.
  2. Thank God for His forgiveness. It is already there for you. Receive it through giving thanks.
  3. Forgive the other person for all the pain you felt from them. Forgive yourself for giving so much of yourself to them.
  4. Renounce any ties that bind you to that person.
  5. Daily proclaim that you are free to receive love again, and you will trust God to show you appropriate places to find love.

You may need some time to reprogram your heart to realize this freedom, but the constant reminder of the proclamations will open you up to what God has given. If you would like someone to prayer for you, please come over to our Facebook page. Each request will receive prayer and a personal response. May this Valentine’s Day be the start of your freedom to love again.

26 Responses to “God Remove Him From My Heart”

  1. T. Murray says:

    Please pray for me

  2. Dear T., May God fill you with His hope. He is not mad with you. He sees your hunger for love and wants to fill it. May His love wash over you removing the ties that binds you away from Him and the blessing He wants to give you by His love. Joy is your inheritance.

    Blessings, Kevin

  3. Momma says:

    I struggle with giving my heart to another man because I feel emotionally tied to someone that doesn’t love me back. I have prayed to God to remove him from my heart and my life for over 3 years and it seems that the more I pray the harder it is for him to go away. I love this person so much. I pray for God to do a work in us both and if he is not the man God intended for me then to break the ties. Is God not hearing my desire or is there something to his silence

    • Dear Momma,
      I obviously don’t know your situation, but I feel for your dilemma. If you have done the first 4 steps above, I would suggest just focusing on the step 5. If you feel drawn again to this person, trust the emotional ties are broken, bless the guy, and thank Jesus for His love for you. You have someone that will love you completely for who you are. Someone who will receive and appreciate the love you give. You are a woman of significance and the love you give has value. Focus your heart on the one who values you immensely. And, if you ever feel that same value coming from a man, then allow your heart to start slowly opening up to him. You are a princess of the King. You carry His kingdom wherever you go. Those that are wise will respect and honor you.

  4. jennifer v morales says:

    friends ..pls,pray for me to move on and to heal my broken heart

    • Dear Jennifer,
      I sense God longing to draw you in to comfort you. He sees your tears and feels your pain. Imagine yourself telling Him exactly how you are feeling and wait for His response. Healing is in His words for you. Healing is in knowing He has not left you alone. Pursue God and He will reveal Himself to you. He will redeem every bad thing that has happened. He is a good God.

  5. jennifer v morales says: me move on

  6. Vanessa D. says:

    Strange running into this post a year after it’s date, but it seems like those steps are what I need to be doing. I need people’s prayers to help me get past this hurt. It’s been four month and I still can’t. Even though the man is physically out of my life my heart and mind just go back to him everyday I think of him. I still ask God to take care of him yet I feel such hurt and resentment.

    • Dear Vanessa,
      I’m sorry for your hurt. I pray you find freedom soon. It sounds like praying for him has actually kept you connected to him and limited the pain he actually caused you. He may be a good man, but you need to grieve and move on. It is someone else’s job to pray for him now. In your times with God, you are the most important person to Him. Allow Him to focus on you. He loves you very much.
      Thank you for commenting. I hope you are have great Valentine’s Day.

  7. Arvind says:

    Just when I thought things were going well, she ripped my heart (again). I shouldn’t have trusted her twice, but I know that it was an error. Sometimes, compassion takes more out of you than you might have expected. Please pray for me friends, that I may mend this heart and become a better man.

    • Dear Arvind,

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I do pray God will mend your heart. May you learn how to keep your love on to those around you knowing that not everyone will hurt you. May God give you wisdom to know who you can trust.


  8. Bongane tshidi says:

    I am a young person so eagerd to knw god more than anything that lives, . So now I cannot have peace in my heart up untill I remove this person who doesn’t belong in my heart. I want a clean start with god

    • Dear Bongane,
      I am sorry for the pain you are going through. I believe the pain can be healed and redeemed, but I don’t believe it was ever God’s intent for you to have to bear the pain. May you find the peace and comfort you are looking for. May God use this season to not only heal those broken places in your heart, but also to strengthen your resolve to find your significance in Him alone.
      Peace to you,

  9. juliana says:


    I met someone 2 years ago that used to love me a lot; I felt this love in the way he looked at me and in the way he cared for me. I was afraid of showing my feelins for him, I seemed not to care and things after some time got cold. I blame myself to have lost someone that was really special I tried to get him back but he kept avoiding me, not replying my messages. It has been more than 4 months and Im still in love with him, wanting him to love me again. I need your pray because Im feeling really bad. I keep trying to find him in all the places I go, I lose focus on my studies. I need a direction if I should keep trying to talk to him or brake all the ties that connect us (whatsapp, facebook) and move on. Thank you

    • Dear Juliana,
      I’m sorry you are feeling regrets. That’s a no fun place to be. For the sake of your heart, you should break communication. With Facebook you can stop following his statuses, so he doesn’t pop up on you. However, if you find yourself always checking up on him from his profile page, you should consider unfriending him. You need to protect your heart and not give it to someone who doesn’t value it. He may be a great person and may one day come around, but for right now, you are more valuable than to be eaten up wishing for something that isn’t currently there.
      God loves you completely and will treat you with respect. Open more of your heart to Him. He will take care of you. If this guy or someone else comes into your life, you will then have more to give from the fullness of who you are and not who you are trying to be to impress someone else.
      Thank you for your comment. May you find peace and hope for your future.

  10. Enas says:

    I am happy I found this website I think I really put my husband and daughter in front of God and that is why there was no permanent peace in my household . I have to put God first in my life. God please forgive me

    • Dear Enas,
      I’m glad this site has been a help. I believe God is happy you value your husband and daughter so much… He gave them to you. I also believe He is smiling that you realize and desire to put Him as the top priority. May He get more instead of your family less.

  11. Britney says:

    I have pain in my heart, broke up with my BF cuz we were unequally yolked please pray God would restore it if it’s his will. I want to release him to God, and let God have his way in his life. I don’t want it to burden me anymore.

    • Dear Britney,
      I understand that was a difficult step breaking up with your boyfriend, but I applaud your desire to follow God. I know that He is very pleased with you and wants to heal the pain you feel. God is such a good father. He is celebrating you right now. He is turning to the angels and saying, “that’s my girl.” He loves you so much. God has such a good plan for your life. I pray that your eyes will opened to all the resources of heaven moving you toward your destiny. May God become more and more real to you and help give you comfort. Thank you for sharing.

  12. selvaraj says:

    My name is selva. I loved my cousin very much near to my mom. I give myself more to her. That she is not reciprocate and left me in vain. Later I find she is selfish. I can’t bring that love back in my heart. I want to remove her from my heart and I need courage to move on. I am crying all of the days for the past one year. Please pray for me

  13. cassie says:

    I have been in a 11 years relationship. We have been with each other through thicks and thins. I always do everything for him and love him more than I love myself… I sacrificed all the things I wanted to do just to be with him,but when it came to him, he never came through. When he has everything, he left me, dumped me. He said we want to be single, to be set free but less than a month later, he got a new gf. His collegues told me, he and that girl are quite close for sometimes…. My heart breaks… This is not the 1st time ive been cheated and by the same guy… Till now, it’s hard for me to move on… Being left at age 27 yrs old make me wonder, where in this world will i find my soulmate that will be loyal to me, forever… I hope you can pray for me as well.. My best friends left me when i need them the most. I had told them, please give me time, but they failed to understand…

    • Dear Cassie,
      I’m sorry that you were treated so cruelly. I pray that you find someone who will love you to the same degree that you love him. You can’t force this, or even love them into it, but there are men willing and able to love. I pray you find one, but I also pray you take time to allow your heart to heal so you can be fully available when that man comes around. God is for you and know what you need. Press in to Him and allow His love to wash over you.

  14. Forbidden fruit says:

    PLS no judgement I was involed with a supposed unhappy married for 3yrs he expressed how much he loved me and how God brought us together which that was false God is not a God of confusion but 3weeks the relationship stop abruptly I blame myself I don’t know what I done so bad I tried to contact but no response .Im trying To remove all thought,feeling of him thanks for this artical any other advise?

    • Our hearts don’t always know right or wrong, but we can sure feel when it hurts. I pray that the God of ALL comfort will allow you the deep healing experience of His comfort. God still loves you to your deepest parts.

  15. Demarius Mayes says:

    I am wanting to be free from a person that I loved deeply for. I have been with this person for 4 years but it has been since January that I sensed anger from my the person that I am with. all the constant name calling and being sarcastic it not what I was really looking for. I know that Love is out there for me and I am going to wait on God for it. but in the meantime please help me by standing in agreement that as I renounce the person that I will not feel no hurt or pain from the decision I have made. it is necessary for me because I am chosen by God to do a work and I will not have a person that hoarders anger and bitterness and jealousy and doesn’t know how to forgive. as I pray this prayer I pray that I will be strengthen up…Although I no longer want the relationship to be together but I would like to remain friends. because I am a forgiving person that has endured much long suffering with this individual,I just want to be friends and that is it… I’m praying that me being in love will turn into love of friendship of a best friend. I pray forgiveness for myself as well… thank you
    Demarius Mayes


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