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5 Things to Pray for Israel

Pray for Israel

Much has been in the news regarding Israel lately as eyes have turned to see President Obama’s response to renewed calls to recognize Palestine as an occupied state. As Christians we are to be concerned with what is going on in Israel and actively praying for it. Whatever our views of end-times or current political decisions, God is still in love with Israel as children of Abraham. His promise to bless those that bless them and curse those that curse them does not seemed to have been removed over time (Genesis 12:3).

Here are some things that can help you pray for Israel. Some of these may seem impossible, but remember from whom you are asking help.

1. Leadership: President – Shimon Peres, Prime Minister – Binyamin Netanyahu, and Knesset Speaker – Reuven Rivlin

    • supernatural wisdom to know what to do
    • protection from political and physical attacks
    • honor and love for enemies
    • unity with others in leadership

2. Peace:

    • protection from those seeking to destroy Israel
    • end of violence from terrorist within their borders
    • removal of all fear and replace it with love

3. Political Ties:

    • wisdom to know who to trust
    • favor from those who can give them aid
    • strong ties with the U.S.

4. Impact:

    • God to bless them to such a degree that other nations may be blessed – this was the promise to Abraham
    • they chose to value others in love, even those who hate them

5. Move of God:

    • like Joshua: a generation of those who walk in faith, courage, and authentic relationship with God
    • like Elijah: a generation of those who stand against others’ opinions to hold on to God for what is right
    • like David: a generation of those who pursue the heart of God above all else
    • like Solomon: a generation of those who have the wisdom to influence their world

Pray for Israel

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12 Responses to “5 Things to Pray for Israel”

  1. Kathryn Storts says:

    My Dear Israel,

    I’m thanking God for the finding of this prayer today. As our faith grows our Lord God brings more and more to our attention, and as I pray this prayer for Israel I also pray similarly for my United States. My brothers and sisters in Christ love is not an easy quest but truly the only one worth living or dying for. May our Lord God move upon the earth with great compassion and mercy. In God we trust ~ Peace be with you

    Continued prayers in Christ, Kathy

    • Dear Kathryn, I’m glad you found this prayer list helpful to you. My wife went last year and fell in love with the country. I’m looking forward to my chance to go. Blessings, Kevin

  2. Rick says:

    God has reminded me of and caused me to renew my commitment to continually pray for Israel. I asked for help in how to pray for Israel and I came across this site. God bless you and thank you!

  3. Hozan says:

    Shalom : I’m an Iranian Kurdish ), I came to faith 3 years ago I was in dark world I hated israel but now by Gods grace I love this amazing (country +nation ) God bless Israel
    Ps 106:48 : Praise be to the LORD, the God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting. Let all the people say, “Amen!”

  4. Gisela Fuller says:

    The Choir At Victory Christian Center In Tulsa OK,74136
    Prayed for Israel and your Army men, We stand behind you, God will allways send his Choir out before the army men and women to prepare the was and tear down strong holds, Ps8:2 God Bless.
    America dose stand behind you, and that is a war amoung our own people. we fight for you and fight our own.
    Jesus Is Lord

    • Dear Gisela,
      Thank you for your prayers for Israel and for blessing me by commenting here. Prayers of worshippers are powerful because they hang out in God’s presence.

  5. PABLOREMOS says:

    I appreciate this prayer a lot, though I’m left frustrated at what I see as a glaring omission. How about praying that God might reveal His son, Jeshua, as Israel’s Messiah. Surely, in embracing Jeshua, their hearts will soften towards their enemies, their fear will go and faith will come. Instead of hearts of hate, they will overflow with love for their enemies and they will stop striving over a piece of temporal land and rejoice in the hope of a mansion in their Father’s house. Why does the church and the Christian right of America not acknowledge the elephant in the room in their perspective on Israel? It irks me sore and I am talking to God about it!

    • Dear Pabloremos,
      Thank you for your thoughts. I have gone back over the post and feel good about what I have written. I do believe that for most of the items on the list that many in Israel will need to place their faith in Jesus. At the very least, if these things begin to happen that many will come to faith. However, I also believe that if many in Israel come to faith it will not automatically mean these other things will happen. Many Christians are not peacemakers, even with the blessing attached to it. Many Christians do not know how to handle leadership. They have trouble loving their enemies. They do not walk in the wisdom that comes from the mind of Christ. My goal is not for more in Israel to come to Jesus; it is for Israel to come to the full potential of God’s desires. I believe God’s full desire for Israel, Jesus’ full reward, is for it to bring God’s blessings to the entire world where Palestinians, Arabs, Russians, Americans, Chinese, etc. would all come to the full knowledge of knowing God’s love for them.
      I hope this exposes more of my heart for this prayer list. Thank you again for your comment.
      May God’s love for you overwhelm you more today than ever before.

  6. Godzgal says:

    What a blessing to find this website. Unfortunately it is now November 2012 and bombing has escalated in Gaza. I was searching for information as to how to prayer and WOW, here is your website. Thank you Kevin for the 5 Things to Pray…this is very helpful. I so agree with your last post and understand your your explanantion how American Christians need to pray for Isarel’s Leadership, love their enemy and walk in wisdom in the Mind of Christ. These are very important. Thank you for exhorting us to apprehend these. One also realizes that no matter where a crisis is happening, there is always opportunity for the captive to be set free. In the presence of danger and death, hearts will finally soften and surrender to the Lord. I stand in agreement with you that God’s desires will be fulfilled, in the strong and mighty name of Jesus/Yeshua. Hallelujah!

    • Thank you for your comment. I also took notice of the bombings in Israel. Let it not lead to fear. God is still in control. Pray for a peaceful solution. May Clinton have wisdom to reduce anger and fear on both sides. At the same time I pray that the US will back Israel’s need for protection and removal of militant opposition if necessary. This is not a desirable situation. Real people are being killed. I pray for supernatural wisdom and favor to end this quickly.


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